Smart buoys and sensor technology paired with software solutions will serve the next generation with a grid of possibilities. Our everyday lives are already driven by IoT (Internet of Things). It is now time to build the Internet of the Ocean.

The durable buoy paired with advanced IoT technology allows for around the clock surveillance of your gear. Never lose track of your assets at sea. 

The Sunfish buoys will sustain the pressure even if submersed to 200m below sea level. Once surfaced, it will continue transmitting its position. 


The smart buoys gives the fisherman an opportunity to survey the position of his fishing gear. In combination with our software, Digicatch, the buoys are “smart” and have lots of useful features. One of these features will send a push warning to the fisherman’s mobile phone or his onboard navigation system if there is something to be aware of. For example, if it is overdue for the gear to be harvested or simply that it is moving out of position. This way, the fishermen can take actions to prevent the loss of his gear.



We are developing advanced sensor systems and software solutions for monitoring fishing operations, aquaculture, metocean conditions and subsea operations. 

Our technology is based on wireless acoustic transmission to the surface that enables the monitoring of operations and the environment in real time and the collection relevant data. 

We are also developing software solutions to provide user-friendly front-end visualization of the collected data and to generate reports and analyses tailor-made for each user.


Innomar - Our stationary trap concept is a new high tech fishing technology that will work passively and autonomously.

Stationary traps

Our stationary trap concept is a new and high tech fishing technology that will work passive and autonomous. The traps may be placed near fish farms, offshore wind power installations and other vulnerable areas. This technology is an important contribution to make fisheries and fish farms more sustainable.