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Digital ocean

Our IoT solutions makes access to ocean data easier. Smart buoys equipped with the latest of computing science in combination of Innomar’s software will keep track of fishing gear preventing fishing gear pollution and ghost fishing.

Sensors for sampling ocean data, camera solutions sending pictures wireless through the water column to our buoys will enable remote  inspection and surveillance of traps, seabed sampling, and recognizing fish species. Supported with AI we can keep track of fishing gear, sampling ocean data and with supporting software to help optimizing fishing and marine operations.


The smart buoys gives the fishermen an opportunity to survey the position of the fishing gear. In combination with our software Digicatch the buoys are “smart” and have lots of useful features. One of these features will send a push warnings to the fishermans cellphone or his navigation system onboard his vessel if there is something to be aware of, such as overdue time for the gear to be harvested or simply that the gear is moving from current out of its position, hence fisherman can take actions to prevent loss of his gear.

Smart Buoys, Innomar AS


We are developing advanced sensor systems and software solutions for monitoring fishing operations, aquaculture, metocean and subsea operations. Our technology is based on wireless acoustic transmission to the surface that enables monitoring the operations and environment in real time and collect relevant data. We are also developing software solutions to provide user friendly front end visualization of the collected data and generate reports and analysis taylormade for each user.

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Stationairy traps

Our stationary trap concept is a new and high tech fishing technology that will work passive and autonomous. The traps may be placed near fish farms, offshore wind power installations and other vulnerable areas. This technology is an important contribution to make fisheries and fish farms more sustainable.