Fishing technology


Fishing technology

Innomar provides new fishing tools that facilitates for responsible and sustainable fishing. We are developing and testing new traps in various sizes for both leisure and the professional market. We are introducing sensors and software solutions to increase the effisiency of the fishing operations. Large stationairy traps are also a priority project we will publish more of in the near future.

Fishing traps

Together with our project partners we have developed fishing traps in various sizes from 80 cm diameter to 250 cm in diameter. Traps up to 150m3 are beeing produced for research and testing, and will be available 2021. The traps are collapsable for transportation and storing.

There are many advantages to using the Innomar fish traps including increased quality of the catch, safer operations, reduction of unwanted bycatch and less environmental footprint. This method makes it possible to keep the fish alive in a responsible way until delivery for production or for live fish storing for maximum utilization of the resources.

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Stationairy traps

Our stationary trap concept is a new and high tech fishing technology that will work passive and autonomous. The traps may be placed near fish farms, offshore wind power installations and other vulnerable areas. This technology is an important contribution to make fisheries and fish farms more sustainable.  

Sensor technology and software

We are developing advanced sensor systems and software solutions for monitoring fishing operations, aquaculture, metocean and subsea operations. Our technology is based on wireless acoustic transmission to the surface that enables monitoring the operations and environment in real time and collect relevant data. We are also developing software solutions to provide user friendly front end visualization of the collected data and generate reports and analysis taylormade for each user.