Fishery Tools

We base our business model on our own research and development. All research are in cooperation with world leading scientists and institutes: Institute of Norwegian Marine Research, NOFIMA, Kongsberg Maritime and Merinov Institute in Québec. Together we are developing methods for sustainable fisheries and tools for sensoring and tracking. The result of our research will be produced and distributed to the fishing industry where applicable.


The smart buoys gives the fishermen an opportunity to survey the position of the fishing gear. In combination with our software Digicatch the buoys are “smart” and have lots of useful features. One of these features will send a push warnings to the fishermans cellphone or his navigation system onboard his vessel if there is something to be aware of, such as overdue time for the gear to be harvested or simply that the gear is moving from current out of its position, hence fisherman can take actions to prevent loss of his gear.  

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Fishing Trap, Innomar AS


Innomar´s fishing traps allows the fishermen to execute a controlled fishing with minimized risk of unwanted bycatch such as mammals or seabirds. Some traps are even designed for targeted fishing for specified species such as halibut as an example.

The traps are available in various sizes from smaller traps that are single person operated, to very large traps for industrial fisheries.


Our stationary trap concept is a new and high tech fishing technology that will work passive and autonomous. The traps may be placed near fish farms, offshore wind power installations and other vulnerable areas. This technology is an important contribution to make fisheries and fish farms more sustainable.  

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We create value by developing new tools for sustainable fishing. Better quality, safety and less environmental footprint gives valuethroughout the supply chain “from catch to plate”.


Innomars submercible fishfarm is based on technology from the oil and gas tension leg production platforms. We have adapted some of the basics and designed this to a submersible fish cage where the salmon would be introduced without being contaminated by lice. The system is taking care of waste and will contribute to a cleaner way of salmon and trout harvesting.

The project is depending on development quotas and is a patent pending project.

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Innomar develops handling gear for easy deployment and retrieval of the fishing traps. These handling gears can be adapted and fitted to most conventional fishing vessels.

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Innomars trap technology consist of smart fishing traps produced in various sizes for both the professional market and the leisure market. The traps are designed for easy transportation, stackable and easy to use. The main goal with our traps is to meet the demand for responsible fishing with less environmental footprint and a better resource management. The technology is patented.

Furthermore we are developing sensor technology for catch monitoing and trap surveillance, sending wireless information of the catch to the surface and further to a cloud base. This enables  the fisherman to monitor his catch on a mobile device hence optimize the fishing operation.

The projects are supported by the Norwegian Research Council, EIC green deal, The Norwegian Directorate of Fishery and Innovation Norway.