The sea cannot be tamed. The solution is smart technology that plays in harmony with nature – just like the fishermen always have done

With the help of our smart buoys, we create value and free up valuable time through:

  • Increased profitability by less time spent securing the catch
  • Prevents loss of equipment leading to ghost fishing
  • Notifies deviations and makes the fishing equipment visible 24/7
  • Ensures reduction of fuel costs and CO2 footprint

The result is a more profitable and responsible fishery with the 4G smart buoy.

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«I’m thankful I didn’t lose my fishing gear when the ice came and took it. Thanks, Innomar!» says Gunnar Flygel

«I’m looking forward to having more time to fish and increasing my total catch,» says Ståle Martinsen, a fisherman in Northern Norway

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Never before have the sea and fishermen been under greater pressure. Increased competition for space, high fuel costs and stricter environmental requirements are the new reality.

At Innomar, we know that your knowledge as a fisherman – together with our technology – contributes to increased value both for you and for the environment