Get a complete overview of your fishing gear like traps, nets or other maritime equipment and if it has moved with the ocean currents. The Sunfish Smart Buoy is a high-tech IoT-buoy that transmits data over 4G and satellite networks. Reduce loss of equipment and catch, in addition to saving time.

The buoys are robust, impact and pressure tested and have a battery capacity of up to one season. 




Digicatch software provides a visual overview of your fishing gear and marine equipment. Store your catch report electronically and equipment monitoring are connected to your Sunfish Smart Buoy. Receive push notifications on your mobile phone in case of deviation. Digicatch is available on smartphones and tablets, both on iOS and Android. Also available on PC and Mac.

Set type of equipment.  Date and time for deployment and retrieval is registered automatically.

Each unit gets its own unique ID.

Use desired map option to see other’s fishing equipment. Set filters for details.

Set a limited area with optional radius. Receive an alarm from the buoy when it reaches the outer limit.

The buoy will indicate direction of currents relative to position of deployment. Indicated by arrows on the map.

Sends alerts upon expired time limits.

Input data from catch in your logbook.